cod liver oil for children and babies


The rich amount of Vitamin D and Omega-3 fatty acids from Cod Liver Oil benefits the children's bones and immune system, hence contributing to their overall growth and development.

When it comes to cod liver oil for children and babies, we recommend Möller’s products not only because they are rich in these nutrients, but also for their great taste and fun-packed formats specifically designed for children! See Products

Doctors’ Opinion

As children are in a very active phase when it comes to bone development, doctors and public experts recommend Cod Liver Oil for infants once they reach four weeks old. An enough amount of Vitamin D that is found in Möller’s products will play a huge part on their growth. Learn more about it here.

What if they don’t like the taste of fish oil?

Children sure are picky when it comes to food and their taste. While we do have cod liver oil for kids and babies that comes in fruity flavours, another way to get them to take cod liver oil is to mix it into their food so that they can eat it without them noticing. Explore more ways here.

Keeping a strong immune system

Once children get exposed to bigger environments, they become prone to colds, flu, and other possible diseases along the way. A regular dose of Vitamin D from Möller’s products may be enough, but it’s also wise to help them achieve a stronger immune system with these tips! Read here.

Omega-3 for breastfeeding

Babies can receive the benefits of cod liver oil through direct consumption or indirectly from their mother’s milk. Breast milk is undoubtedly the best food for infants. And the best way to improve breast milk quality is for the mother to take cod liver oil regularly. When lactating, the mother’s body naturally transfers its omega-3 fatty acid reserves (especially DHA!) to breast milk, which is why it is important that the mother’s diet includes a daily omega-3 supplement high in DHA.

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