LITOMOVE® is a nutritional supplement wholly comprising rosehip powder that is highly saturated with shell material. In essence, it strengthens and sustains healthy, flexible joints.


LITOMOVE® is made up of rosehip berries, a natural supplement we have compacted into powder and capsules used to relieve joint and back pain. Completely organic, the powder contains 0% additives and artificial colouring.

Launched in 2003 in Sweden, LITOMOVE® is now sold globally, helping thousands of consumers deal with their joint problems.

The hand-picked berries are grown in pristine conditions in Chile, extracted from wild roses and processed into powdered form through a patent-pending manufacturing method. Made from the husks from three subtypes of wild rose hip, including the potent Rosa Canina L, LITOMOVE® is a high-quality natural product that benefits the entire body, not just the joints.

Intensive in-house research by our scientists has yielded Rosenoids®, which contains Vitamin C, Carotens, Flavonoids, Triterpenic acids and Galactolipids. These active ingredients work in harmony to produce powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects that protect the body, including its joints, from damage.

Scientists have long known of rosehip’s powerful anti-oxidant effects, having tried and failed to create synthetic drugs that pack the same punch. To date, LITOMOVE® is the only product that delivers only results without any side effects!