Litomove® 100 Capsules

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Litomove® 100 Capsules

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Every 3 capsules contains 2250mg of wild rose hip powder and 80mg of Vitamin C

100 Capsules
  • 3 capsules per day
  • Do not exceed recommended dosage unless prescribed by a physician
  • Cool dark places, away from direct sunlight

About the Product

  • Nutritional Content of LITOMOVE®
  • per 3 Capsules
  • 2250 mg
  • 80 mg

LITOMOVE® is a natural joint health supplement refined from rose hips that contributes to the maintenance of healthy and flexible joints. It stimulates the growth of new cartilage and collagen cells and relieves back and joint pain through its powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects. 

Cultivated in pristine conditions, the rose hips are harvested by hand under stringent conditions. The berries are handpicked and gently processed into seedless rose hip powder that gives LITOMOVE® its benefits.

Our latest innovations include a new formula containing LITOMOVE® Rosehip Rosenoids® and Vitamin C, for higher potency and better efficacy, showing results after 3 weeks of recommended dosage.*

Ingredients: Wild rose hip powder incl. 4% Rosenoids® complex (vitamin C (sodium-L-ascorbate), flavonoids, carotenes, triterpenoic acids, galactolipids), gelatine.

* Rosenoids® is the optimal complex of key components in rosehip and consists of galactolipids, triterpenoic acids, vitamin C, carotenes, flavonoids - which all function together on different mechanisms beneficial for joints. Only LITOMOVE® contains Rosenoids®.