Möller's Heart 66 Capsules

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Möller's Heart 66 Capsules

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  • The Omega-3 essential fatty acids DHA and EPA contribute to the proper functioning of the heart. They cannot be produced by the human body and must be present in the diet. 
  • ALA Omega-3 regulates the blood cholesterol level and helps it remain in an optimal range.
66 Capsules
  • 2 capsules per day
  • Do not exceed recommended dosage unless prescribed by a physician
  • Cool dark places, away from direct sunlight

About the Product

  • Nutritional Content of Möller’s Heart
  • Per daily dose
    (2 capsules)
  • 1045 mg
  • 465 mg
  • 665 mg
  • 345 mg
  • 870 mg
  • 6 mg (50%)*

Omega-3 Supplements for Heart Health

Möller’sOmega-3 Heart was created by dieticians to support heart health. It contains a unique combination of natural omega-3 fatty acids obtained from fish (DHA+EPA) as well as linseed (ALA).

The fatty α-linoleic acid (ALA) obtained from linseed helps maintain the appropriate blood cholesterol level*. EPA and DHA fatty acids obtained from fish contribute to the proper functioning of the heart**.

The Norwegian Heart and Lung Association (LHL) recommends using Möller’s Omega-3 Heart for its nutritional value.

Start caring for your heart today!

*Beneficial effect is achieved with a daily consumption of 2 grams ALA
**Beneficial effect is achieved with a minimum daily consumption of 250 mg EPA and DHA